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Nehemiah Journey: Day 3 of 52 (Originally emailed on September 12)

Here we go, have you been here before? You determine to make a change, to develop a new habit, and Day 1 you are all excited and stick to the plan. Day 2, the excitement from Day 1 carries you over to some degree. But by Day 3 . . . It has got to […]

Nehemiah Journey: Day 2 of 52 (Originally Emailed on September 11)

Today we remember 9/11. That fateful day sixteen years ago that sent us reeling as a nation. Do you remember how crowded church was on Wednesday night after that terrifying Tuesday? Many had the right response and that was to cry out to God. It seems much easier to be devoted to seeking God’s help […]

Nehemiah Journey

On September 10th, I began preaching through the book of Nehemiah on Sunday mornings at First Baptist Mansfield. I challenged them to join my in a 52 day journey of praying and asking God to move in specific situations. In the book of Nehemiah we see the people of God working together to rebuild the […]

Nehemiah Journey: Day 18 of 52

Nehemiah Journey: Day 18 of 52 One of the members of First Mansfield had a brother who was bit by a spider and it caused a great infection. There was some days when they wondered if he might not make it because the infection spread rapidly and his body was shutting down. They were able […]