Nehemiah Journey: Day 18 of 52

Nehemiah Journey: Day 18 of 52

One of the members of First Mansfield had a brother who was bit by a spider and it caused a great infection. There was some days when they wondered if he might not make it because the infection spread rapidly and his body was shutting down. They were able to get him stable but needed to do some extensive surgery on his leg. She shared the following testimony with me and I asked her permission to share it with you. Here is a summary of what she shared with me by email:

“So many people have been praying, my lifegroup, the women’s ministry team, the men’s ministry, the children’s ministry teams, my husband said you (and so many others) were keeping him (in their prayers) people I have never met in the church were praying.  My brother had a surgery to try to save his leg. The outcome being only a 50/50 chance of saving it and it was successful and they saved his leg. He has had much success with the wound vac that they put (on) it, but this process takes a longer amount of time to heal, but today, the doctors closed the top 5″ of his wound and he will only have a skin graft of the lower 6″ of the wound to close it up! Today was the first time in 2 weeks he has been able to walk and put weight on his leg. Today the doctors are astonished about how quickly he healed with the wound vac. Only God can heal and astonish doctors! The power of prayer, big or small, amazes me every time! I thank God for blessing my family with this church family at FBC everyday!”

I love this line! “The power of prayer, big or small, amazes me every time!” Church we need to regain our amazement of God. We serve an amazing God who is able to heal in any situation. He is able to save in the most hopeless case. We need to regain our awe of God and remember the same God who created the world out of nothing is the same God, with the same power, that we serve today and HE HEARS AND ANSWERS OUR PRAYERS!

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