Monthly Archives: January 2023

Change Me: Day 24 of 28 (Week 4, Day 3)

For those who know me, being still and being silent are not my stronger characteristics. So much so that yesterday’s assignment was difficult for me. Mainly because even when I am still and silent on the outside, there is still a lot going on inside. It takes at least fifteen minutes for my mind to […]

Change Me: Day 22 of 28 (Week 4, Day 1)

What a great day in the Lord today. The weather was wet and messy but such a good turnout. We had baptisms in both services and celebrated the Lord’s Supper today. We heard our worship team’s new hymn they wrote and there was a sweet spirit in both services today. I hear our children and […]

Change Me: Day 21 of 28 (Week 3, Day 7)

Today we complete the third week of our four week journey through Change Me: A Personal Revival Guide. It has already been a very helpful time with the Lord and I look forward to what God has in store in the days and even weeks ahead beyond our structured time through the guide. Part of […]

Change Me: Day 20 of 28 (Week 3, Day 6)

We are nearing the final days of our 28-day journey and many of you have walked through it with us faithfully day by day. Others may have missed some days or dropped the journey completely. Can I urge you to pick it back up and keep walking with us. I really believe God is stirring […]