Monthly Archives: September 2017

Nehemiah Journey: Day 11 of 52 (Emailed September 20)

In any spiritual journey worth taking there are going to be times of opposition. The discouragement may come from naysayers and the outside. The people laboring with Nehemiah faced this discouragement. Before the work even began there was opposition. Nehemiah 2:10 “When Sanballat the Horonite and Tobiah the Ammonite official heard it, they were deeply […]

Nehemiah Journey: Day 10 of 52 (Emailed September 19)

Do you ever wonder why God does not just show you everything that is going to happen in your life at one time? As I look back over my life since I left home and went off to college, I can see so many times where God directed my steps, but I was not ready […]

Nehemiah Journey: Day 9 of 52 (Emailed September 18)

On the second Monday of our 52 day journey what has God shown you thus far? Maybe you would admit that you have not been as consistent in your prayer time as you intended to be. DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP! Did you miss a quiet time this morning? Block out some time right now […]

Nehemiah Journey: Day 20 of 52

As we continue to pray be encouraged. Understand that God’s timing is rarely our timing, but His timing is always perfect. One of my prayers on a consistent basis is for the Lord to help me trust His ways. I may not understand what He is up to or why things are happening the way […]