Monthly Archives: September 2017

Nehemiah Journey: Day 19 of 52 (September 28)

One of the highlights of my day is hearing from many of you how God is moving in your prayer life. Thank you so much for sharing. You continue to share personal prayer requests and I am praying over them with you and look forward to seeing how God glorifies Himself through these situations. In […]

Nehemiah Journey: Day 6 of 52 (Emailed September 15)

You guys have been so encouraging to me and I pray to others this week. The emails and conversations I have had assure me that MANY of you are praying diligently and may God grant you strength to persist in prayer and be men and women of great faith. One of you sent me an […]

Nehemiah Journey: Day 5 of 52 (Emailed September 14)

Keep praying church, God is moving! Where is He moving? In the lives of His people that are praying and seeking His face. The emails, phone calls, Facebook messages, and face-to-face conversations I am having with many of you are so encouraging! First Baptist Mansfield is not a perfect church, but it is a church […]

Nehemiah Journey: Day 4 of 52 (Emailed September 13)

Did you notice in Nehemiah 2 that the month has changed? In chapter 1 it is the month of Chislev, sometime between the middle of November and middle of December. In chapter two it is in the month of Nisan, sometime during March or April. So for several months Nehemiah had prayed and sought God […]