Nehemiah Journey: Day 6 of 52 (Emailed September 15)

You guys have been so encouraging to me and I pray to others this week. The emails and conversations I have had assure me that MANY of you are praying diligently and may God grant you strength to persist in prayer and be men and women of great faith. One of you sent me an incredible insight concerning discouragement or resistance occurring during our prayer time.

Be assured that as we strive to draw near to God the enemy wants to use anything he can to discourage us. I already pointed out earlier this week about before Nehemiah even gets to Jerusalem there are those that are “disturbed” by his plan to even care about the welfare of the children of Israel. Before the work on the wall even begins Nehemiah and the people are accused of rebellion, laughed at, and despised. There are other ways the enemy may attempt to discourage us as well. Remember God may answer your prayers in a different way or direction than you hoped or thought. We must yield to the reality that He knows best. The enemy will try and make you think this is a negative, but remember God’s ways are above our ways, and we can TRUST Him!

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