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Will You Join Me in Prayer

Have you ever heard of the name Daniel Nash? Not too many people have, but if you will look at the picture of this tombstone you will see a couple of descriptors concerning his life. First of all, you will notice it reads, “Pastor, 1816-1822.” Daniel Nash served as a pastor for six years, before […]

Thoughts From My First Interim

A Time of Transition For the last thirteen months I have preached over forty times at Normandale Baptist Church in Fort Worth, TX as they searched for their next lead pastor. I would consider this my first interim pastorate, even though I mainly just preached week by week. I did a small amount of counseling […]

A July 12, 2003 Moment!

First of all my apologies for the lack of consistent content on the blog, of the many passions and priorities in my life it is apparent that this blog has yet to make its way up the list. I do believe in the weeks and months ahead you will see an increase of content as […]