Monthly Archives: January 2017

Need to Grow More Time?

Growing More Time (By Redeeming the Time)[1] My previous post shared a few thoughts on activities that can steal away our time ( Today I want to share with you a tips that I have gleaned and found helpful from a number of pastors that helps “grow” more time by being more efficient with the […]

Redeem the Time

Where Does the Time Go? Do you remember thinking someone was just old when they said, “The older you get the faster time goes?” Either I am just old or age does not really have much to do it. I think as we get older we realize how precious time is and we begin to […]

Time of Transition

The New Year always brings about a certain amount of transition and excitement for what is to come. As I write this post I am preparing to preach my final sermon as the Interim Pastor of Inglewood Baptist Church in Grand Prairie, TX. The past year had some interesting twist and turns but God used […]