Time of Transition

The New Year always brings about a certain amount of transition and excitement for what is to come. As I write this post I am preparing to preach my final sermon as the Interim Pastor of Inglewood Baptist Church in Grand Prairie, TX. The past year had some interesting twist and turns but God used them to confirm some things in our life and ministry. One of the greatest joys of 2016 has been getting to know and serving with the loving and precious people of Inglewood Baptist Church. Here are a few thoughts as we close out this chapter:

  • I rejoice in the healing and blessing God has brought to this congregation. Inglewood has gone through more than its fair share of transition and change but I believe God has begun a new chapter in this body’s story that will lead to incredible things ahead.
  • I rejoice in the lives that have been changed over the last year and the thirty or so that gave their lives to Jesus and followed Him in baptism. We certainly give God all the glory for drawing men, women, boys, and girls to Himself.
  • I rejoice in the privilege of being able to preach and minister to this body of believers in a more hands on way than my previous interim pastorate. I spent much more time with the staff and with other church members in meetings, counseling, and just hanging out this time around. I shared many conversations and laughs. I will always cherish these memories.
  • I rejoice that I had the opportunity to work with the wonderful staff at Inglewood and thank God for the friendships we built. They are a gifted group that love Jesus and His church and I look forward to fellowship for years to come. Aaron, Ed, Joey, Rachel, and Sara please know of my continued prayers for you and your ministries.
  • I will pray for Inglewood and their new pastor and look forward to seeing all that God has in store for His family.
  • I will enjoy spending some Sundays just sitting with my family and worshipping alongside my home church.
  • I will miss seeing the dear folks at Inglewood on a consistent basis but am grateful that God gave us this time together. You have been an incredible blessing to this preacher and I thank our God for each of you.

Please add your thoughts (Respectfully)

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