Day 15 of 52 (September 20, 2021) Over the last couple of weeks I have been overwhelmed with how much I need the Lord’s hand on my life. In every area I seek to serve Him I am desperately dependent upon His strength, His power, and His blessing! May we all live this Monday with […]

Nehemiah: Day 12 of 52 (September 17, 2021) It has been a busy and rainy week. As we come to another Friday in our 52-day prayer journey I pray the Lord is working in your heart, your life, and your family. As people share their prayer requests with me, I have been asked to pray […]

Nehemiah: Day 11 of 52 (September 16, 2021) We see in Nehemiah Chapters 3 & 4 discouragement often comes from naysayers and opposition from all around us. We also need to acknowledge discouragement comes because the task is difficult and life is hard. In Nehemiah 4:10, the people are tired, the work is already half […]

Nehemiah: Day 10 of 52 (September 15. 2021) In any spiritual journey worth taking there are going to be times of opposition. The discouragement may come from naysayers and the outside. The people laboring with Nehemiah faced this discouragement. Before the work even began there was opposition. Nehemiah 2:10 “When Sanballat the Horonite and Tobiah […]