The devotional today calls for a day of fasting. Maybe you did like me and set a dinner appointment earlier in the week forgetting today was the day we were called to fast. Let me encourage you to choose some form or fashion to fast. Fast from one or two meals, fast from social media, […]

As we walk through today’s assignment in our Change Me devotional, Steve Horn gives a helpful outline on how to spend an extended time in prayer. L-They will realize they are lost. O-We will have opportunity to share the share the Gospel with them. S-They will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit T-They will be […]

For those who know me, being still and being silent are not my stronger characteristics. So much so that yesterday’s assignment was difficult for me. Mainly because even when I am still and silent on the outside, there is still a lot going on inside. It takes at least fifteen minutes for my mind to […]

What a great day in the Lord today. The weather was wet and messy but such a good turnout. We had baptisms in both services and celebrated the Lord’s Supper today. We heard our worship team’s new hymn they wrote and there was a sweet spirit in both services today. I hear our children and […]