Nehemiah Journey: Day 40 of 52 (October 15, 2021) Have you ever gone through seasons of your life where God just seemed distant? I know I have and as I think over those seasons it seems to happen for a variety of reasons. The most obvious reason is my lack of consistency in a personal […]

Nehemiah Journey: Day 39 of 52 (October 14, 2021) Consider the life of the prophet Elijah. We see in 1 Kings 17 he is authorized by the Lord to predict a drought for three and a half years. Later in 1 Kings 18 he shares the drought is ending. During the drought God met Elijah’s […]

Nehemiah Journey: Day 38 of 52           There are two weeks left in our 52-day journey. How has God spoken to you during this season of prayer and seeking Him? One reality is in order to draw near to God: you must spend time with God and seek Him. The more you seek Him, the more […]

Nehemiah Journey: Day 37 of 52 (October 12, 2021) Nehemiah recognizes God has place on his heart a great task to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem and to help rebuild the relations between the people and their God. We have been given a great task as well. We are commanded to make disciples of all […]