Nehemiah Journey: Day 44 of 52 (October 18, 2021) Have you ever heard of the name Daniel Nash? Not too many people have, but if you will look at his tombstone you will find a couple of descriptors concerning his life. First of all, it reads, “Pastor, 1816-1822.” Daniel Nash served as a pastor for six […]

Nehemiah Journey: Day 42 of 52 Today I want to encourage you in an area of spiritual discipline, sharing your faith. Many who have been saved and genuinely love Jesus have never attempted to share their faith with someone else. It is such an important task, and I believe the enemy puts fear in our […]

Nehemiah Journey: Day 40 of 52 (October 15, 2021) Have you ever gone through seasons of your life where God just seemed distant? I know I have and as I think over those seasons it seems to happen for a variety of reasons. The most obvious reason is my lack of consistency in a personal […]

Nehemiah Journey: Day 39 of 52 (October 14, 2021) Consider the life of the prophet Elijah. We see in 1 Kings 17 he is authorized by the Lord to predict a drought for three and a half years. Later in 1 Kings 18 he shares the drought is ending. During the drought God met Elijah’s […]