Change Me: Day 17 of 28 (Week 3, Day 3)

Today I determined to follow the challenge of being in unceasing prayer even as I went about my day. The devotion challenges us to be “in constant, silent conversation with the Father for the whole day.” (62) I was attending an evangelism conference listening to wonderful preaching and music. Obviously, the atmosphere was conducive to worship and reflection on Jesus.

What I noticed as I attempted to keep my heart and mind on unceasing prayer was as I listened to the preachers, the musicians, and even in conversations between sessions my mind thought about what is there to pray about in these moments. From the preaching there were many reminders of prayer concerning places the Lord spoke to my heart in the messages. The focus was on building a culture of evangelism and the Lord stirred my heart toward prayer in some areas there. One of the preachers challenged us to pray specifically by name for folks to be saved. I do this already but the Lord laid a couple more names on my heart from conversations this past week and I spent time writing them in my journal and praying for them.

One very specific observation from today is by being intentional to pray without ceasing I found much more to pray about. Every conversation had matters worthy of prayer. Here are a few specifics God kept on my heart all day from current circumstances, conversations, and other interactions:

  • I am praying fervently for a friend whose wife just passed.
  • I am praying and rejoicing for a friend whose son was saved last night.
  • I am praying for a friend and former student who messaged that his son was joining him for a bible study tonight where his son would hear the gospel.
  • I am praying for and rejoicing for a friend and church member who God granted a measure of physical healing.
  • I am praying for a friend and fellow pastor who is searching for a worship pastor.
  • I am praying for several pastor friends throughout the state who are wonderful men of God and we all need encouragement to stay the course and run the race well.
  • I prayed a lot on the way home for folks to be safe in the bad rainstorms.
  • I prayed for several military families who have moved aways as God brought them to my heart.

I have been greatly encouraged to be more intentional in listening to the Lord and to those around me to walk more consistently in a manner of unceasing prayer.

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