Change Me: Day 24 of 28 (Week 4, Day 3)

For those who know me, being still and being silent are not my stronger characteristics. So much so that yesterday’s assignment was difficult for me. Mainly because even when I am still and silent on the outside, there is still a lot going on inside. It takes at least fifteen minutes for my mind to settle and really rest in the Lord. There are certain places where this is easier for me to accomplish. Away from my normal workspace is a must, and normally around a firepit or in a more relaxing place really helps me to pray.

Today’s assignment is so much easier for me, to take extended amount of time in the Word. Find you a place today to continue being still and resting in the Lord, but be diligent to read through a good portion of one or more of Paul’s epistles and see what God speaks to your heart. I’m going to start in Galatians and just keep reading. Remember our devotional challenges us to find the commands in the text and ask ourselves are we being obedient to those commands.

Please add your thoughts (Respectfully)

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