Change Me: Day 25 of 28 (Week 4, Day 4)

As we walk through today’s assignment in our Change Me devotional, Steve Horn gives a helpful outline on how to spend an extended time in prayer.

  • Praise: We all could benefit by spending dedicated time each day praising God just for who He is. Just a few descriptors that come to my mind as I think about who He is: Creator, Sustainer, Provider, Protector, Comforter. What are some ways you praise God for who He is?

  • Thanksgiving: We talked about this a good bit in our post from Saturday. Here we praise God for what He has done. Every one of us can name numerous blessings we receive from the Lord, day by day.

  • Confession and Repentance: Where is God convicting us? Where is He changing us? What sins do we need to deal with before the Lord.

  • Petition: This is where we share our requests. I would encourage us to pray as specifically as possible. When we do it is much easier to track when God gives answers.

  • Praying for the Lost: Horn suggests we make a list of lost people in our circle of influence and pray for them consistently to be saved using the acrostic LOST

L-They will realize they are lost.

O-We will have opportunity to share the share the Gospel with them.

S-They will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit

T-They will be transformed by the power of the Gospel.

  • Commit our ways to God: Finish our prayer time by surrendering ourselves each day to the Lord.

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