Will You Join Me in Prayer

Have you ever heard of the name Daniel Nash? Not too many people have, but if you will look at the picture of this tombstone you will see a couple of descriptors concerning his life.

First of all, you will notice it reads, “Pastor, 1816-1822.” Daniel Nash served as a pastor for six years, before some members of his church led for his dismissal saying that he was too old (He was forty-six at the time). After this hurtful experience Daniel removed himself from public ministry but continued in a very vital role. The second descriptor reads, “Laborer with Finney mighty in prayer.” Even at a seminary few have ever heard of Daniel Nash, but most have heard of Charles Finney, prominent evangelist from the Second Great Awakening.

You may ask how did Nash serve with Finney? Through prayer, much prayer, constant, consistent prayer. The practice was for Nash to go ahead of Finney, find two or three like minded believers, and begin to pray for God’s movement in the area. After what was sometimes weeks of preparation through prayer, Finney would arrive for the meeting. Often times Nash would not even attend the services but  would stay in a season of prayer. Finney was absolutely convinced that the power of concentrated prayer was the effectual element of his preaching and this was evident in two very clear ways. First, if there seemed to be little effectiveness in the services, Finney would pause the event, and petition Nash for greater fervency in prayer. Second, when Nash died, Finney ceased his itinerant ministry in a matter of months.

What’s the point?

  • First, may we be reminded that God is not in need of our creativity, our great talent, our eloquence, or any other human element. If there is anything of any value, it comes from Him anyway. The truth is that we are desperately dependent upon Him, in reality completely dependent upon Him, if we are to see any change with any eternal value.
  • Second, may God convict us to be men and women of consistent, fervent, and expectant prayer.
  • Third, may we commit to pray for those we know that stand consistently to preach and teach the Word of God. May we ask God to move in such a way that is far beyond the norm and the expected. May God burden our hearts to see the results of His heart and not our efforts.
  • Finally, would you join me in prayer? Would you be willing to lift up the opportunities God grants for me to preach His word and beg God that it would be more than just another service? Would you petition the Lord with me that as I stand to preach it would be in His power and not my own? Would you grant me the joy and honor of doing the same for you?

Here is what I would ask: If you would be willing to join me in such a manner, would you just send me a simple message by email, text, or some other method and let me know that you will join me in prayer, and allow me to pray for you as well. If you would just include your email address and/or a number where you could receive texts my plan would be one email or text a week with prayer requests, upcoming speaking opportunities, and any other helpful information to help us pray together.

Here is what I would expect: That you would pray, that you would ask others to pray, and that you would, respond to the email/text letting me know how i can pray for and with you.

Please know that I in no way think I am a Finney, or all that important. I am just absolutely convinced that I am nothing outside of the power of Christ, and prayer is the greatest way I know to beg God for His presence. Will you pray with me?

Please add your thoughts (Respectfully)

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