Nehemiah Journey: Day 9 of 52 (Emailed September 18)

On the second Monday of our 52 day journey what has God shown you thus far? Maybe you would admit that you have not been as consistent in your prayer time as you intended to be. DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP! Did you miss a quiet time this morning? Block out some time right now and spend time with Jesus. If right now is just NOT possible, put it on your schedule as an appointment and keep the appointment.

Here is the deal, you need to spend time with Jesus if you are going to grow, and the growth is most healthy when that time with Jesus is consistent day by day. You need to eat in order to be healthy physically and to eat the right things in a consistent way leads to being healthier physically. If you miss a meal, do you think, “I just can’t do this I just going to quit eating.” No, we eat the when we have opportunity. You have an opportunity today to spend time with the Creator of the universe, to share your concerns with Him, and hear from Him through His Word.

Do not miss such an awesome opportunity!

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