Nehemiah Journey

On September 10th, I began preaching through the book of Nehemiah on Sunday mornings at First Baptist Mansfield. I challenged them to join my in a 52 day journey of praying and asking God to move in specific situations. In the book of Nehemiah we see the people of God working together to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem. God does an amazing work and enables the people to rebuild the wall in 52 days (Nehemiah 6:15). I asked the people to pray through specific requests and that God would do a work in our lives as we study through this amazing book of the Bible. As part of this journey I have sent an email to the congregation each day Monday through Friday. Over the last three days I have started posting these emails on my blog as well.

Some of you have asked and suggested that I post the previous email content as well. So over the next couple of days I will post those emails. I pray they will be a reminder to you of the amazing God we serve!

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