Nehemiah Journey: Day 2 of 52 (Originally Emailed on September 11)

Today we remember 9/11. That fateful day sixteen years ago that sent us reeling as a nation. Do you remember how crowded church was on Wednesday night after that terrifying Tuesday? Many had the right response and that was to cry out to God. It seems much easier to be devoted to seeking God’s help when there is some disaster or uncontrollable event going on in our lives. Unfortunately, we tend to be like many a few months after 9/11, back to our normal routine and not very dependent upon the Lord.

We are on day 2 of a 52 day journey to desperately seek the Lord for specific requests. Have you considered the requests you have for Him in this season, have you prayed over them already? Will you continue to earnestly pray? God enabled Nehemiah and the people in his day to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem in 52 days, what could God rebuild in and around your life during these 52 days?

Next steps:

  • If you have not done so already write down your prayer requests
    • Make them specific (So you know when God answers)
    • Some of them can be small things that matter but make at least a couple of them big requests that would have life changing impact
    • Make at least a couple of the requests people you want to be saved.
    • Ask others how you can be praying for them in this season.


  • Pray over these everyday
    • Pray over them personally. Pray over them with your spouse and with your family.
    • Share them with a close friend or two and pray together, praying for each other’s request.
    • Confess any known sin so that your prayers are not hindered (Isaiah 59:1–2; James 5:13–18)


  • Read through Nehemiah 2 this week several times and ask God what He wants to teach you personally as we walk through this journey.


If you have questions you want to ask or testimony you want to share I would love to hear it. You can email me at or text/call at 817 269 0489.

Have a great Monday!

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