Nehemiah Journey: Day 17 of 52

As I continue to study Nehemiah chapter 5 for Sunday’s message I am convicted by how Nehemiah responded to the injustice that was taking place. Many of his Jewish brethren were suffering because of the great poverty in the land. Some had mortgaged their possessions just to buy grain and food to eat. Others could not afford the heavy taxes or have money for food and had been forced into slavery. The major problem was that many were being oppressed by their own countrymen.

What was Nehemiah’s response? Verse 6 says, “And I became very angry when I heard their outcry and these words.” There are some things that happen around us that should make us “very angry”. There is a place for righteous indignation, but we must not sin in our anger. Notice what Nehemiah did in verse 7, “After serious thought . . .” Sometimes we react while we are still in the midst of anger, I do not know about you, but that is not when I do my best responding.

So in these days when something makes you angry be sure to give it serious thought and prayer BEFORE you respond. Ask God for wisdom in how to best handle your response in a way that most glorifies Him!

Have a great Tuesday!


Brother Tommy

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