Nehemiah Journey: Day 16 of 52

As I spent time reading in the Word this morning I was overwhelmed with how much I need the Lord’s hand on my life. In every area that I seek to serve Him I am desperately dependent upon His strength, His power, and His blessing! May we all live this Monday with an understanding of how desperately we need God to move in our lives, but also a great confidence that He is going to move for our good and His glory!

This week in Nehemiah I encourage you to read chapter 5 and think about how we treat one another as a church body. Are we loving those we stand with and worship God on Sundays? Do you have real relationships with other members at First Baptist Church Mansfield? We should, and we should continually strive to build those relationships and begin new ones on a consistent basis! A church that loves one another is more powerfully able to love the world around her.

Keep praying! Keep Praising!
Brother Tommy

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