Change Me: Day 7 of 28

The completion of week 1, we spent the last seven days asking God to search us and know our hearts, try us and know our thoughts, see if there be any grievous ways in us and lead us to change, to walk in His ways.

What has God shown us? What has God taught us? What has God changed?

The reading today focused on the people of Israel in Exodus and reminds us of how easily we can lose focus, how easily we stray from our perfect God. It reminds us like the Israelites we can be a “stiff-necked” people.

I pray in these days the Lord has softened our hearts, shown us places to grow and change, and that He has begun the work to change us.

As we begin Week 2 tomorrow make plans now to put aside the time you need to spend time with God, day by day walking through the devotional and spending some extended time reading Scripture. How valuable is our time with God? Make sure to make it a priority in the days and weeks ahead.

Please add your thoughts (Respectfully)

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