Change Me: Day 8 of 28 (Week 2, Day 1)

As we start week 2 of our journey, the focus will be consecration, to hear from God. Steve Horn is correct when he states the most effective way we hear from God is through His word, the Bible. Brother Horn warns us we need to plan some extra time this week to make room for larger portions of reading in Scripture. He then asks two key questions:

  1. What can you give up for one week to spend more time in God’s Word?
  2. How desperate are you for God to move in your life, your family, your church, and your nation?

What would God have us lay aside for a season to spend around an hour a day with Him and in His word? That’s one episode of our favorite TV drama, that’s half of a movie, one-third of a football game. What investment can we make this week in God’s word in order for God to change us?

Please add your thoughts (Respectfully)

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