Change Me: Day 2 of 28

Monday, January 9, 2023

As we move into Day 2 with our focus on introspection, we ask the Lord to show us any place we need Him to change in us.

We are given a strong reminder at the very beginning of today’s reading:

“If there is not complete repentance, there cannot be revival.” (7)

Just like we were reminded in yesterday’s message, we can’t expect God’s blessing and revival to come if we refuse to deal with sin. Remember the keys to revival given by Evan Roberts of the Welsh Revival:

  1. Confess any know sin
  2. Put away any doubtful habit
  3. Obey the Holy Spirit promptly
  4. Confess Jesus publicly

If we are going to see revival, sin must be dealt with, we must repent and turn from it. I can’t repent for your sin, but only for mine.

As we looked at Amos 5:21–24, Micah 6:6–8, Psalm 51:16–17 our worship, “sacrifices”, and other actions mean little to nothing if we do not walk in obedience to our God. We must walk justly, humbly, faithfully, with a broken spirit and humbled heart.

As we begin to pray and ask God to search, try, see, and lead us may we respond in obedience and repentance. Tomorrow we will spend some time thinking and praying through specific areas where God may call us to repent.

Reminder: Give prominence to the Scripture in your reading. We may be tempted to read what our writer says about the Scripture, but we need to make sure to read the Scripture as we walk through our journey. Dr. Horn gives faithful commentary on the Scripture, but take the time to read the passages referenced. The power of change is in the Word.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts and/or questions.

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