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Change Me: Day 19 of 28 (Week 3, Day 5)

One thing is for certain, God intends for us to pray and when we intentionally focus on prayer He increases our burden. At least that is the evidence I have found in this journey. Nearly every conversation, every appointment, every encounter stirs me to greater prayer. Last night I even dreamed about a couple of […]

Change Me: Day 17 of 28 (Week 3, Day 3)

Today I determined to follow the challenge of being in unceasing prayer even as I went about my day. The devotion challenges us to be “in constant, silent conversation with the Father for the whole day.” (62) I was attending an evangelism conference listening to wonderful preaching and music. Obviously, the atmosphere was conducive to […]

Change Me: Day 16 of 28 (Week 3, Day 2)

How are you praying? In our journey this week our devotion offers eight challenges of how to pray each day this week. Today I am using Challenge 1 which calls us to read prayers from Scripture and use them to guide our own prayers. In whatever way you choose to spend time in prayer today, […]

Change Me: Day 15 of 28 (Week 3, Day 1)

As we prepare on the first day of Week 3 the focus this week is Intercession. Our goal is extraordinary prayer. In our reading today we see the words of Jonathan Edwards when he says, “When God wants to accomplish something special in a church, extraordinary prayer usually precedes it.” (59) We are asked to […]