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Change Me: Day 10 (Week 2, Day 3)

We can TRUST HIS WORD!! We are reminded in today’s devotion and bible reading we can trust the Word of God. The bible is reliable, authoritative, and sufficient! Each one of us must decide whether we believe the Bible to be true. If we do not believe it to be truth, then why follow it? […]

Change Me: Day 9 (Week 2, Day 2)

Our reading for today is the book of James. A very practical book, with a lot of specific instruction for followers of Christ. We are challenged by Dr. Horn to determine: “This is the Word of God, I do not understand all it says to do, but as God gives me understanding, I will obey, […]

Change Me: Day 8 of 28 (Week 2, Day 1)

As we start week 2 of our journey, the focus will be consecration, to hear from God. Steve Horn is correct when he states the most effective way we hear from God is through His word, the Bible. Brother Horn warns us we need to plan some extra time this week to make room for […]

Change Me: Day 7 of 28

The completion of week 1, we spent the last seven days asking God to search us and know our hearts, try us and know our thoughts, see if there be any grievous ways in us and lead us to change, to walk in His ways. What has God shown us? What has God taught us? […]