Change Me: Day 14 of 28 (Week 2, Day 7)

Today we finish out the second week of our four week journey. I pray the Lord has blessed you so far. Blessed does not necessarily mean enjoyable, but certainly profitable in our walk with the Lord Jesus.

I pray we have all recognized our sinfulness, dealt with any unrepentant sin, and grown in our eagerness to hear God speak to us from His Word. May our hearts not become like those responding to God in the book of Malachi. They had become so indifferent to the things of God, they did not recognize how they had greatly drifted.

Our flesh nature is not to draw near to God, but to drift away from God. For this reason we must starve the flesh, and feed the Spirit who dwells within us. May God grant us an increasing eagerness for Him, and for His Word.

You may want to go ahead and peak at next week’s plan in our Change Me study. It may take some advance planning. Remember we talked about reading a book on prayer. If you do not have one picked out, many of the suggestions on pages 60–61 are available for very little cost in Kindle format on Amazon. If you are unable to obtain a book, find me tomorrow and we can discuss some options.

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