Change Me: Day 13 of 28 (Week 2, Day 6)

There is a fair amount of reading today, but there are so many wonderful reminders and a few tough reminders as we walk through the account of God’s people entering the Promise Land. Just a few thoughts:

  • Obedience brings God’s blessing.
    • When the people of God walked in obedience to God, He blessed them according to His plan.
  • No matter how bad our start God can bring a victorious finish
    • Rahab was a prostitute in the city of Jericho, obviously not on a God-honoring path. But she recognized the one true God of Israel, walked by faith, and was honored for it.
    • She and her family are protected, she eventually marries into the tribe of Judah, and is part of the very lineage of Jesus!
  • We must take sin seriously because it has serious consequences. Our devotion gives several principles to consider:
    • Sin always affects others
    • Sin always carries consequences
    • Sin is always found out
    • Sin follows a precise pattern
    • Sin always leaves us longing
    • Sin must be dealt with by death

Sin must always be dealt with by death, the bible says in Romans 6:23, “The wages of sin is death.” It should be our death, eternal separation from God, but thanks be to God and our Lord Jesus Christ, Jesus paid the price for our sin. By His death, burial, and resurrection we have access to victory over sin, death, and the grave!

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