Change Me: Day 4 of 28

In our devotion today we focus on God searching us. In Psalm 139:23–24 it starts, “Search me, O God, and know my heart.” We are not asking God to figure out something new about us. He knows us perfectly. We are not praying for God to find some secret sin we have been hiding. We can’t hide anything from him, as well as we may hide sin from others (probably not nearly as well as we think or hope) we can hide NOTHING from God.

What God is teaching me as I dwell on these verses and really the whole of Psalm 139 is He is God, and I am not. He knows every detail of my life, actions, and thoughts. This journey is “squeezing” me, and I am recognizing more clearly what He already knows about me and how He desires to change me. It is not enjoyable, but it is a great blessing.

Action Step:

One of the questions in our Daily Change Challenge is “Have you memorized Psalm 139:23–24? I know memorizing verses intimidates a lot of people, but know you can do this. Just read the verses slowly several times at each sitting. Then break it down into smaller pieces as part of your prayer. I have focused on the four key words. (I am using the ESV)


Try (or Test)



Don’t be legalistic and beat yourself up if you don’t quote it perfectly but make sure you are internalizing the Scripture.

Come join us tonight in the Worship Center for a time of worship and discussion on about our journey!

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