Day 16 of 52 Day Prayer Journey

Day 16 of 52 (September 21, 2021)

I once had a church member share a testimony about how God was answering a specific prayer. It was not happening as quickly as she would like, but she could sense God was moving. She wrote this word of praise, “The power of prayer, big or small, amazes me every time!”

Church we need to regain our amazement of God. We serve an amazing God who is able to heal in any situation. He is able to save in the most hopeless case. We need to regain our awe of God and remember the same God who created the world out of nothing is the same God, with the same power, we serve today, and HE HEARS AND ANSWERS OUR PRAYERS!

Do we really believe in the great power of our God? If we do, we would be more consistent and urgent in bringing our requests to Him!

Thought to Ponder:

  • When was the last time you remember God answering one of your specific prayer requests? Sometimes it seems to me the average Christian does not see this happen very often because we are not normally praying specific requests. We pray more “in case of emergency” instead of day by day as we walk with Jesus.

Let’s make an effort to bring our specific prayer requests to God day by day, and just see what He does!

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