Day 4 of 52 Day Prayer Journey

Day 4 of 52 (September 9, 2021)
I hope you are reading ahead in Nehemiah and studying as we pray and seek God’s face. Did you notice in Nehemiah 2 the month has changed? In chapter 1 it is the month of Chislev (1:4), sometime between the middle of November and middle of December. In chapter two it is the month of Nisan (2:1), sometime during March or April. So for several months Nehemiah had prayed and sought God concerning the condition of Jerusalem and his people. Why would someone anguish over something for so long and even longer than such a period? Because it mattered, God brought a great burden and Nehemiah could not shake it.  

What holds your heart with that type of burden? Some things that should are your spouse, your children, God’s church, salvation of those you care about and many other issues. There are so many situations where eternity hangs in the balance. These should consistently drive us to our knees.  

Next Steps:  

– Keep praying, expecting God to move and not letting go until He does

– Keep reading and studying the book of Nehemiah and take note of Nehemiah’s prayers

– Continue or begin praying that God would move in powerful ways in our worship services this coming Sunday and in the weeks ahead.  

Pastor Tommy

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