Things to Consider for at Home Worship Service

The following are some good thoughts I have gleaned from a few different sources online as we prepare to worship in our homes this Sunday.
  • Be intentional. Set a time before going to bed on Saturday night when you will gather for worship. It is certainly ok to go to the “Later” service, but do not leave it open-ended. Being intentional will increase the likelihood you actually do it. For our church family our service is available online by 9:30 am Sunday morning at this link: ELBC Online Worship Services
  • Keep your normal routine. Yes, it is ok at attend online worship in your pajamas, but you may find it helpful to actually get up, get dressed, and follow some normal routine. A common point I have seen online states, “treat it like a normal Sunday routine, just leave out the ‘hurry up we are late’ part.”
  • Be focused. Let this time have your undivided attention and not just be background noise. I would suggest putting aside your tablets, phones, etc . . . and grabbing your physical Bible. Not trying to be legalistic at all here, but my electronics easily distract me, especially at home.
  • Take steps to participate as much as possible. Put the service on the largest screen in the house and gather around it. Sing together as a family with the music (songs are available before and after the service at East Worship), have a notebook ready to take notes. Then once the online portion is over have a time of discussion as a family, ask questions, and pray together. We each say a short simple prayer and then I close it out at our home.
  • Keep giving as part of your worship. I would recommend you take time to give your tithe/offering during your gathered worship time. Either write out your check and get it ready to go in the mailbox. Even easier, most churches have an online giving option. If you attend East Leesville Baptist Church you can find online giving instructions here: ELBC Online Giving Online giving is safe and easy but if you need help, I will come pick it up. I’m sure it would be considered “essential”.
I hope these are helpful tips and I would love to hear others you have thought of or heard as well. Most of all remember to keep your eyes on Jesus as we walk through these unique days. May we continue to Love God, Love People, Seek the Lost, and Make Disciples!

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