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Discerning the Call: Spurgeon’s Lectures

We must recognize that the New Testament gives us clear guidelines to what qualifications should already be evident in the life of the man who would hold the office of pastor. However, just because one might give evidence of meeting the qualifications it does not automatically suggest that he should serve in the pastoral office. […]

Biblical Evidence for a Call to Ministry Leadership in the New Testament

In our last post on the call we looked to the Old Testamant for examples of different types of calls to ministry. The examples are in no way limited to the Old Testament, the New Testament contains a plethora of call experiences as well. The call of the apostles is covered several places in the […]

Start Well, Run Well, Finish Well.

“It does not matter how you start if you do not finish!” Maybe you have heard this exhortation at a pastor’s conference or some kind of training session for pastors. The speaker is implying that if one is to win a race they must not only start strong, but they have to finish the race. […]