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Discerning the Call: The Qualifications

After looking at the idea of a call to Christian leadership from a practical and a biblical perspective, may I suggest the following as a helpful definition of a call to ministry: A directive received as one walks intimately with the Lord and is obedient to His leading. It will always be in agreement with […]

Biblical Evidence for a Call to Ministry Leadership in the New Testament

In our last post on the call we looked to the Old Testamant for examples of different types of calls to ministry. The examples are in no way limited to the Old Testament, the New Testament contains a plethora of call experiences as well. The call of the apostles is covered several places in the […]

Biblical Evidence for a Call to Ministry Leadership in the Old Testament

We continue our series of posts on the understanding of the call to Christian ministry leadership by looking at the biblical evidence for such a call. The consistent theme in the Old Testament concerning the work of the priests and prophets is that they were appointed (called) by God. The Scripture proclaims in Jeremiah that […]

What is Needed for the Ministry: Three Absolutes

There are three absolutes that one considering the pastoral ministry must evaluate in his life as he seeks God. The first seems fairly obvious, but must be acknowledged. The man who seeks to enter pastoral ministry must be a child of God. Second, he must be called of God, and third, he must rightly discern […]