Day 6 of 52 Day Prayer Journey

Day 6 of 52 (September 11, 2021)

Today we remember 9/11. That fateful day twenty years ago that sent us reeling as a nation. Do you remember how crowded church was on Wednesday night after that terrifying Tuesday? Many had the right response and that was to cry out to God. It seems much easier to be devoted to seeking God’s help when there is some disaster or uncontrollable event going on in our lives. Unfortunately, we tend to be like many a few months after 9/11, back to our normal routine and not very dependent upon the Lord. In some ways it seems this pattern is repeating during these days of national and global unrest. We need to make sure we are dependent and surrendered to Christ in all aspects of our lives.

In what ways would God have us surrender to Him afresh and anew?

Next Steps:

  • Make plans now to be in worship tomorrow as we study Nehemiah Chapter 2.
  • Ask the Lord to show you additional SPECIFIC prayer requests you need to pray through.

Have a great Saturday!

Pastor Tommy

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