Nehemiah Journey: Day 30 of 52

It does not seem like we should already be on Day 30, but I have so enjoyed this journey with each of you. Every email, text, phone call, and personal conversation you have shared with me about your journey has been such an encouragement during these days together. Let me encourage you to stay the course and finish strong! I truly believe God is using this time to refine, rebuild, and reenergize His church here at First Mansfield. Keep praying and seeking the Lord in these three weeks that remain.

Yesterday the Welcome Guide at First Baptist Mansfield contained a prayer reminder bookmark that I would encourage you to use as part of your prayer time. I personally am going to use these 7 guidelines to help facilitate specific prayer requests during my prayer time throughout the day and week. Let me share how you might find it helpful as well by just explaining a little bit about each reminder:

Pray for revival in the body at First Mansfield: Pray that God would revive us and restore the joy of our salvation. Pray for yourself and for one another. Maybe take a few people by name each day and pray God would renew them and their families so revival could spread throughout His church!

Pray for discipleship and spiritual growth of church body: Each of us need to grow daily in our walk with the Lord and be pouring into others, our family, friends, and neighbors. Pray that God would grant personal growth, and use you to encourage growth in others.

Pray for love and unity for church among congregation, staff, and lay leadership: We have to love one another and walk in unity if we are going to be used the way God intends to use His church. When we genuinely love one another we are quick to give grace and encourage one another.

Pray for the lost/ill/hurting: This one is kind of obvious. Make sure you are praying by name for individuals that need salvation, are battling physical illness, or going through tough times.

Pray for courage, unity, and humility of leadership and daily ministries of the church: Pray for your staff, church council, committees, and other leaders as they give daily leadership and service in all the ministries taking place at First Mansfield.

Pray for our Pastor Search Team and future Pastor and family: God knows the next pastor of First Baptist Church Mansfield, TX. Pray He shows clearly this man to the Pastor Search Committee.

Pray for our nation and government leaders: We are commanded by Scripture to pray for those appointed to lead us. Our hope is in Christ alone and not in Washington, D. C. or in Austin, but we should be faithful to lift up every man and woman serving in these offices.

May these prayer categories enhance your personal prayer time and may we see God move in clear and specific ways in the days ahead.

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