Happy Birthday Karis

karis first day of schoolAs long as my mind is sound (at least as sound as it is now), I will never forget February 21, 2005. My wife woke me up in the middle of the night and said, “It is time!” We headed to the hospital, and several hours later, we met Karis Diane Kiker. Karis is a gift of God’s grace to our family. After Karis was born they put her on the contraption where they cleaned her up, got her warm and checked to make sure everything was like it should be. I remember being excited (imagine that) and probably talking a little loudly (again, imagine that). But what happened next was one of the most precious memories I have of Karis. When I looked back over towards her, she was craning her neck at a fairly extreme angle. She had heard my voice and was looking to find me, she recognized her daddy’s voice.

It reminds me to pray that I might so readily and eagerly hear the voice of God, and seek His face with all my strength. I am also reminded that my first calling and first ministry is to be the spiritual leader of my home. Pastors, do not neglect your primary calling, God has not and will not call you to sacrifice your family on the altar of ministry.

We love you Karis, Happy 8th Birthday, and God still uses you everyday to teach us how to know His voice and look unto Him!

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